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WROTE Podcast

Mar 18, 2016

Welcome and introduction || ”Earthshatter" released! || The world of Haven Prime || The inside scoop on the story || Balancing 8 main characters || Moving from writing novellas to novels || Short stories are GREAT for exposure and being featured || Shoutout to WROTE events || Writing from a non-US/non-EU perspective || How culture shapes writing, and genetic engineering || Vance pokes for a spoiler || Reaching out to readers who aren't nearby || The internet is the writer's friend || The slow build of the reader base || Equal marriage is now law in Mexico! Albert got married! || Mexico City as a trendsetter || How Vance preps for narration || Albert's serial story || RFQs || (Vance sneaks out another Earthshatter spoiler) || What's up next || Will Albert start a convention in Mexico? || Credits