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WROTE Podcast

Aug 26, 2016

Jeff Rivera is in the WROTE Podcast house! Journey as a writer || Novellas as an art form || Tips on being a novella author || Making a living in writing || How KU actually can be a good thing || Does the data support what readers say they want? || RFQs || What's Ahead || Credits

Aug 19, 2016

ROUNDTABLE - Creating Queer Content Panelists: Matthew Cheney, SA Collins, Dena Hankins Moderator: Vance Bastian PART TWO: Creators 1) As creators of queer content, how do you think we fare in not only getting our works published, but breaking through to gain attention? 2) How much notice should our own queer centric...

Aug 12, 2016

A ROUNDTABLE Discussion on Consuming/Finding Queer Content Panel: Matthew Cheney, Dena Hankins and SA Collins Moderated By: Vance Bastian Part One of a Two Part Discussion by Queer Authors talking about consuming and accessing queer content across sexual identities, race and culture in the GLBT+ spectrum. This...

Aug 5, 2016

We welcome back ANGEL MARTINEZ in the Wrote Podcast house! Humor in Queer Fiction || How Publishers Approach Reissued Stories || RFQs || Cons as a Means to Expand Your Audience Base || What's Ahead || Credits and Bloopers