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WROTE Podcast

Mar 31, 2017

We welcome MAXWELL PALMER to the Wrote Podcast house! Journey in writing AND Narration || Evolution of his forthcoming novel || Learning the craft of Writing || NaNoWriMo || AudioBook Narration || RFQs || What's Ahead || Credits and Biooper

Mar 24, 2017

We welcome cheeky Brit TC "Craig" Orton to the Wrote Podcast house! Journey and influences as a writer || Buffy vs. The Vampire Diaries and why it matters || Whedon IS a GOD || RFQs || Iudicium and the complexities of a multi-choice novel || What's Ahead || Credits and Blooper

Mar 17, 2017

We welcome Susan Mac Nicol and Nicholas Downs to the WROTE Podcast house! Journey as writers || The Screenplay to novel to screenplay of Sight Unseen || Taking the Screenplay to Novel || Why MM Romance? || Working Together ... Remotely || RFQs for Susan AND for Nicholas || What's Ahead || Credits and Blooper

Mar 10, 2017

We welcome BRANDON WITT back to the Wrote Podcast house! Life since episode 3 || Writing novellas || Short Stories || Patreon - Pros and Cons || RFQs || The Tiger In The Room || Success as a writer || What's Ahead || Credits

Mar 7, 2017

The third conversation in a series between Dr. Redfern Jon Barrett, AJ Rose, Kate Aaron and Frederick Feeley Jr. Life after the Inauguration || What We Know Now || How Involved Do We Get || Local vs. Global || Playing Their Game