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WROTE Podcast

Oct 27, 2016

We welcome SCOTT D. POMFRET to the Wrote Podcast this week! Journey as a writer || Releasing two very different novels at the same time || Fae Stories || Writing Historical Fiction || Faith and The Gay Community || RFQs || What's Ahead || Credits and Blooper

Oct 21, 2016

We welcome Michael Scott Garvin to the WROTE PODCAST family this week. Journey as a writer || The adventures of being a first time writer || Finding your audience and when they reach out to you || Organized religion and homosexuality || Writing with the intent of NOT publishing it || RFQs || What's ahead || Credits and...

Oct 14, 2016

We welcome J. Scott Coatsworth and Angel Martinez from Queer SciFi about the release of "Flight" - A flash fiction anthology. Evolution of the flash fiction contest || Flash Fiction Writing || Queer Characters in Fiction and across different media || Queer Characters in Comics || Credits and Outtake

Oct 7, 2016

We welcome SCOTT ROCHE to the WROTE Podcast house this week! Journey as an Author || Beauty in Horror || Anthologies || First MM Novel - Coming Home Again || Indie Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing || RFQs || What's Ahead || Credits and Outtake