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WROTE Podcast

Aug 28, 2015

Guest Co-Host (Subbing for Baz Collins)- Fred Feeley Guest Author: Mike Bode Introduction || Journey in Wriring || World Building || Fantasy Writing || Rapid Fire Questions || Wrap up || Credits || Blooper Outtakes

Aug 21, 2015

Guest Author - Shannon Murphy is in the 3MM house! || Intro || Shannon's previous works and the inspirational sources for them || Abuse as a Novel Theme || Getting Published || Rapid Fire Questions || Reader's Expectations and Writer's Reality || Sign-Off || Credits || Outtake

Aug 17, 2015

In this SPOTLIGHT episode: Discussing with Self-Pubbing author BRAD VANCE on the production of audiobooks. We discuss the DIY approach and what is required to get novels into audiobook format.

Aug 14, 2015

Author Joe Cosentino is in the 3MM House! - Intro || Joe's illustrious career in theater, film, television as well as his numerous writing credentials is our opening segment || Rapid Fire Questions || Writing both gay literature and mainstream literature with queer characters || Our straight women allies (readers...

Aug 7, 2015

Intro of author A.M. Burns/A.J. Marcus who talks about his journey writing shifters || The importance of getting animal research right || Using pen names to help readers separate genres || His upcoming work "The Kachina Job" || What's Next and Wrap Up || Credits || Blooper