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WROTE Podcast

Jul 12, 2024

April McCloud joins us to share her debut novel, The Switch. We discuss disability, bionics, humanism, and spiderbots with hats! 

Jul 5, 2024

Nathan Andres joins us to share the book that came from his exploration of the idea of resiliency, Your Real Life: Get Authentic, Be Resilient, & Make It Count. We discuss how the REAL model is based on neuroscience and can be used to help anyone face the difficult situations in life! 

Jun 28, 2024

Christopher Rice returns to share the next novel in his Sapphire Cove series: Sapphire Dawn! We discuss writing a summer romance for a character who's had a career in porn, how to show the truths of the industry, and how that character is more authentic than ones with a more acceptable pedigree. We then discuss the...

Jun 28, 2024

Terry Wolverton joins us to share her novel Season of Eclipse. We discuss how her hero goes from living a life of privilege to being in witness protection and having to confront the issues of her own identity. We also go into how Detroit shapes that journey. 

Jun 21, 2024

Mark Olmsted joins us to share his memoir Ink From the Pen. We discuss how caring for and losing his brother to HIV while he himself had HIV took him down a dark path that included drug use and dealing. Being incarcerated gave him a second chance to get clean, and while doing so he turned to creativity as a form...