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WROTE Podcast

Aug 12, 2016

A ROUNDTABLE Discussion on Consuming/Finding Queer Content Panel: Matthew Cheney, Dena Hankins and SA Collins Moderated By: Vance Bastian Part One of a Two Part Discussion by Queer Authors talking about consuming and accessing queer content across sexual identities, race and culture in the GLBT+ spectrum. This discussion half of the two-part discussion will focus on sourcing and consuming queer content. I. As consumers of queer content, where do you think we are, as a community? II. Do you think acceptance of stories with queer characters has improved? Are there areas that concern you given the current social/political climate? III. When you're looking for something to read, do you purposely seek out (and buy with dollars) stories with characters from underrepresented parts of our community? Or do you generally just buy what normally attracts you? IV. What methods of advertising, promotion, marketing, etc. have been successful in getting YOU to consider buying a book outside of your normal reading tastes? V. To wrap up... Are there areas where you see queer content lacking in being accessible that our rainbow community needs to address? What next steps should book buyers take? Credits