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WROTE Podcast

Feb 23, 2024

Larry Duplechan shares his memoir, Movies That Made Me Gay. We discuss the importance of film in queer lives, as well as why you should buy the book and host your own home film festival! 

Feb 16, 2024

JM Redmann joins us to share her latest Micky Knight Mystery, Transitory. We discuss why it was important to have a gritty, noir, lesbian detective in the world, as well as the growth of the series. 

Feb 9, 2024

MD Neu returns share his latest novel, Mu; Legend of the Lost City. We discuss why he chose the mythology of Mu, a global climate disaster, a murder, and how that leads to a fringe scientist seeking financing from a billionaire porn-mogul. 

Feb 2, 2024

Lee Pulaski returns to share his recent books, Heartsong of the Lonesome Road, and The Tragic Tale of Tabby and Henny. After diving into those, we discuss his upcoming works, which include a mystery, a fantasy, an anthology and a drag queen.