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WROTE Podcast

Sep 29, 2023

Rick Herrick joins us to talk about his passion for New Testament scholarship and how he took a critical, comedic look at Christ taking on a gay messenger in his novel A Second Chance!

Sep 22, 2023

Anthony van Leeuwen joins us to talk about the highs and lows of life, the journey to discover his muse, and how this fueled the passion for his book, Sprookje (fairytale)!

Sep 15, 2023

C. Spencer joins us to discuss her latest novel, So It Went Like This. We talk about contained settings and getting away to find one's self!

Sep 8, 2023

MariNaomi joins us to share their collage-memoir, I Thought You Loved Me. We dive into their art style and the unlooked-for surprises in an artist's life!

Sep 1, 2023

Tate Barkley shares his memoir Sunday Dinners, Moonshine, and Men, plus why people wanted to hear the ending, and reveals the trials in his life that lead him to learning to forgive.