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WROTE Podcast

Nov 25, 2016

We welcome STEVE BERMAN in the Wrote Podcast house! Journey in writing and PUBLISHING for a queer press || Steve's writing || Running Lethe Press || Baz's Fanboy Moment for Vintage || Gay Publishing || Sales || RFQs (The ALTERNATE LIST) - And the BEST World Teleportation answer yet || What's Ahead || Credits || Outtake

Nov 18, 2016

We welcome Philip Dean Walker to the Wrote Podcast this week. Journey in writing || His First Novel || Using Celebrities as Characters || Our Queer History and Why We Need to Write/Protect It || Our Mentors || RFQs || What's Ahead || Credits || Soap Opera Stories and Outtakes

Nov 15, 2016

This is a very special SPOTLIGHT edition of the Wrote Podcast. We are humbled to have four queer authors discuss the impact of the recent US elections, the world-wide response, and what are potential next steps facing our community. Panelists: AJ Rose, Kate Aaron, Dr. Redfern Jon Barrett, and Frederick Feeley, Jr....

Nov 11, 2016

We welcome Wrote Podcast alum J. Scott Coatsworth and Angel Martinez to give us the low down on the goings on at GRL held a few weeks ago in Kansas City, MO. This year's theme || Reader Conference vs Writers Conference || Popping Scott's GRL cherry || Conference Events and next year's planned event in Colorado.

Nov 4, 2016

We welcome JERRY L WHEELER to the Wrote Podcast house this week! Journey in Writing || Working as a Literary Professional || Editing Gay Erotica || Always a Bridesmaid - Lambda Literary Award Finalist (3x's)! || Audiobook Narration || Rapid Fire Questions || What's Next || Credits and AUNTIE MAME BLOOPERS!