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WROTE Podcast

Mar 25, 2016

THE WROTE PODCAST FOUNDERS are in the Wrote Podcast house! Pre-show intro || Writing || Celebrating FIFTY episodes || Cover Design and Repackaging Works || Writers Strike gave us Reality TV || English Drama vs. US Reality Shows || EPIC RFQs with Jayne Lockwood in the hot-seat || What's Next And just what is it about...

Mar 18, 2016

Welcome and introduction || ā€¯Earthshatter" released! || The world of Haven Prime || The inside scoop on the story || Balancing 8 main characters || Moving from writing novellas to novels || Short stories are GREAT for exposure and being featured || Shoutout to WROTE events || Writing from a non-US/non-EU perspective...

Mar 11, 2016

Stephen DelMar is in the WROTE PODCAST house! Intro || World of Bennet Bay || World building in a series || WIP - Dia De Los Muertos || Lady of Guadalupe portrayed as the sacred female (of all ages) || Magical Realism || State of Self-Publishing || Easter Eggs || RFQs || What's Next || Sign off, Credits and Outtake

Mar 4, 2016

Join Vance as he talks with Angel, Freddy and Toni about how Mischief Corner Books came together on a mountaintop in Tennesee, What it's like to wear multiple hats in a small company, The types of submissions MCB is looking to receive, and their Current projects!

Mar 4, 2016

Wrote welcomes SUZANNE VANROOYEN in the house! Welcome/Introduction || Writing New Adult and YA || Diversity in Writing || Equality and Gender Identity || Her start at being an author || Publishing and Wattpad || Connecting with Fans and Cons || Presenting Music in SciFi || Themes authors don't know they have || Living...