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WROTE Podcast

Jun 5, 2015

Author BRANDON WITT is in the house! Amongst the topics on offer this time around - a thoughtful and thought provoking discussion on: 01) Intro 02) Author Brandon Witt What’s New Planning and writing 03) Then The Stars Fell 04) Brandon’s roots in his works 05) Romantic Fantasy vs. Gay Men’s Realities 06) Reviews (a necessary evil?) or just a demoralizing rant 07) Rule Breaking in Tropes 08) Sales, Sales, Sales - The Business of Writing 09) Self Pub vs. Traditional Pub 10) Artist vs. Eating 11) Character’s Voices 12) Show vs. Tell (The Dangers of Creative Writing 101) 13) Sugary Diet Reading - Too much of a good thing? Is Disney to blame? 14) Mythical World Building 15) Gay Men Realities/Fiction and Straight Women Allies/Readers 16) The Depressing Shortcomings of 80s/90s Gay Fiction 17) — CALL TO ACTION PROMO — 18) Then the Stars Fell - Isn’t it more mainstream? 19) What Brandon Reads 20) RAPID FIRE 21) Promotional Road - What lies ahead for Brandon this year 22) Sign off and Bloopers/Outakes