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WROTE Podcast

Sep 23, 2016

Today it's just Vance Bastian and Baz talking about the current state of queer storytelling beyond novels. Where are we with the following areas: 1. Comics - Will we ever get a boyfriend for Captain America? Can we ever hope that gay comic characters can ever have the A-List spotlight like Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman? Examples: Wonder Woman, Bat Woman, Midnighter/Apollo, Spiderman, Thor. 2. Movies - Who tells the best queer stories in film? How do works from other parts of the world compare with ours? Do subsidies truly matter in the end when it comes to gatekeeping and production of queer stories in film? Why is it behind TV so much? Foreign films such as "Beautiful Things" or "Get Real" vs American produced art house pieces and lower budgeted indie flicks? Brokeback Mountain, Philidelphia Story, The Hunger are discussed. 3. Television - What happens when the queer "community" bashes a queer piece without engaging the production staff? Is our voice growing or diminishing? Where does it do great? What doesn't work out so well? Why? Greg Berlanti's empire of comic series with queer representation, Ryan Murphy's various productions, Cucumber and Banana in the UK - it's really the best in queer storytelling for many reasons - why are they? 4. Music - Why do certain classification of music work over another when singing songs about our lives and loves? Who is at the forefront of this movement in queer songwriting? Why have they achieved so much? Ty Herndon, Billy Gilman, Steve Grand, Adam Ray, Frank Ocean, Sam Smith, Ryan Amador are the singers on hand for this part of the discussion. Ending on a positive note - where are we? Who are we looking to to carry the torch forward? Credits