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WROTE Podcast

Aug 19, 2016

ROUNDTABLE - Creating Queer Content Panelists: Matthew Cheney, SA Collins, Dena Hankins Moderator: Vance Bastian PART TWO: Creators 1) As creators of queer content, how do you think we fare in not only getting our works published, but breaking through to gain attention? 2) How much notice should our own queer centric media devote to our stories? How can we help them? 3) When you create, do you think about underrepresented parts of our community? Or do you default to the standby of "writing what you know?" 4) Looking past the rainbow, when it comes to introducing a queer story to the world, how do you interact with allies who may not be part of the community represented in your work? 5) To wrap up... Are there areas where you see queer content lacking in its creation that our rainbow community needs to address? What next steps should story writers take? Credits