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WROTE Podcast

Jun 12, 2015

Episode 004 - Re-Engineering Sci-Fi Guest Author: Albert Nothlit On Stitcher!
 Introducing Albert Nothlit
 Albert’s upcoming novel: Light Shaper (March 2016). - Focus on SciFi with gay characters, not on the romance
 Albert’s June 12 release: Monolith
 Albert’s background in engineering and love of Science Fiction
 - Controlling technobabble
 - Looking for queer/lgbt heroes in print, TV, and film
 - Our writing should have the same elements as mainstream writing
 Engineering Background lending elements to the story
 Using Dragon Dictation!
 Albert’s writing evolution
 - SciFi vs. Romance
 - Working with multiple imprints
 Missing gay sub- genres?
 - Horror
 Albert’s To Read list
 - The Last of His Kind by Andreas Eschbach(sp)
 How SciFi reaches people afraid of technobabble
 - Monolith from a human perspective
 - Shamrock Lite as accessible fantasy
 Albert’s Inspirations & Writing Process
 - Animorph series by K. A. Applegate CALL TO ACTION PROMO SPOT Techno-Babble and the Lay Reader
 Rapid Fire Questions Where science and SciFi are going
 - Artificial intelligence
 - Utopia vs. Societal power
 Albert’s Upcoming Releases
 Credits [Blooper] - There's been some speculation lately on who the next Dr. Who companion will be - we think we've found her! NOT TO BE MISSED! Ep Production Note: Vance has a quick note that he does know the difference between what he names characters from the Lovecraftian mythos - he's just used to mis-pronouncing Shub Nigguroth because he and a friend purposely say it the wrong way and when the time for the show came around it popped out of his mouth that way - ah well, the show must go on... As with any global Skype conversations sometimes we will have audio defects that are hard to remove from the finished edit. This was the case with this episode. While we endeavor to have as clean an edit as we can, there will be times when audio artifacts make it into the episode.