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WROTE Podcast

Dec 29, 2023

HN Hirsch shares his Bob and Marcus Mystery series with us: Shade, Fault Line, and Rain coming next year. We discuss how the series follows the growth of the men and their relationship over the decades as they contend with murders set in the political climates of each book's era. 

Dec 22, 2023

Ryan States introduces us to his latest novel Someone Else's Story. We discuss what happens when an immortal secondary character from a previous book gets his own book and meets a monster of literary legend, as well as feeling like a supporting character in real life. 

Dec 15, 2023

A.E. Lister shares their latest novel A Port Essington Christmas. We discuss where the inspiration for the series originated, as well as previewing Alison's next project. 

Dec 8, 2023

Bailey Merlin shares her debut novel A Lot of People Live in This House. We discuss how Bailey's actual experience living in an intentional community inspired the book.

Dec 1, 2023

'Nathan Burgoine returns to introduce us to the Hi-Lo style of writing with his latest young adult novel Stuck with You. We discuss the benefits of this high-interest, low readability approach to literature and why it's important.