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WROTE Podcast

Sep 25, 2023

Vance Bastian and SA "Baz" Collins look at the headlines that caught their attention during the week of Sep 17-23, and then share their Wins of the week.

Vance's Links: 

Florida in denial about the 300 books they've banned:
Clergy Drag Ban Backfires: 
Census Bureau:
Canada's Rallies: 
Texas Church Supports: 
Wrestler Anthony Bowens letter to fans:
Braun Man:
 Trans Homecoming Queen: 
John Waters Star:

Baz's Links:

Angelica Ross -


Barrio Boys -


C Kirk -


J Waters -


Boy 1st Day -


Musk -


Pete -


Poland -


Porter -


Newsom -


Saugatuck -



WWTW -  Non-Conforming Men


Gael -


Alex -


Bad Bunny -