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WROTE Podcast

Nov 24, 2017

This holiday week (for the US listeners) is just Baz and Vance celebrating what's GOOD in queer storytelling across all mediums. We acknowledge there's still more work to do, but we're in it this week to talk about what's great about living in this era of evolving representation. 

A lot of our discussion is centered around GLAAD's recent report regarding this topic. While they cite only 7% representation, what is there, they say, is QUALITY work. Vance and Baz discuss the reasons we, as queer people or our allies, should take a moment to celebrate these achievements in getting our works out there.

Shows/Movies we discuss:

- The CW DC Universe (Greg Berlanti, Producer)
- 13 Reasons Why
- Star Trek: Discovery
- Andi Mack
- Sense8
- Call Me By Your Name
- Love, Simon (also Greg Berlanti produced)
- Midnight, Texas
- Moonlight
- True Blood
- Me, Him, Her (Max Landis, writer/producer)
- Something Like Summer (Jay Bell's novel translation into film)
- Orange is the New Black
- The Walking Dead

We also tackle how queer storytelling might benefit from women ascending into the power decision making realms of queer storytelling.

Sit back, relax and listen in as Vance and Baz gab about all of these amazing queer tales and exciting avenues to take in and celebrate.