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WROTE Podcast

May 28, 2015

Our first guest author - Noted and Best-Selling Erotica Author - BRAD VANCE. 1) Introductions - Brad Vance and his current projects 2) Writing Inspirations 3) Research in Brad's works (Sports and Vikings!) 4) Rapid Fire 5) Call to Action 6) Brad's works as Adam Vance at mainstream SciFi 7) Tropes and Potato Chip Readers 8) Brad's past with Traditional publishing vs. Self-Pubbing 9) Success and Writing 10) Kindle Unlimited (Pros and Cons) 11) Book Bubbing - Yay or Nay? 12) Sign-off and Outgoing Bloopers Please note: There were some minor issues during our Skype session with Brad. We've edited them to ensure quality of the interview wherever possible.